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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Enter?
Click Here to Enter Online

How much does it cost to enter?
Series Early Bird Special $140 – Valid Until 31st Jan.
Series Special Entry $160 – Valid Until 9th April.
Single Race Entry $35 – Valid Until 6pm on the Saturday before the race.
Race Day Late Entry $40 – Eftpos, Credit Card or Cash up until 20 minutes before Race Start.

RUN kids Series Entry $60
RUN kids Single Race $15 – Valid Until 6pm on the Saturday before race.
RUN kids Race Day Late Entry $20 – Eftpos, Credit Card or Cash up until 20 minutes before Race Start.

I have Entered what do I do next?
Once you have Entered (the process of filling in all your details and making payment) then Full Series Entrants will have their Race Number & Timing Responder posted out to them in the week before the first race, provided you entered prior to midnight Sunday 26th March.
Single Race Entrants collect their Race Number and Timing Responder on the morning of their specific race up until 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Do I need to Check In before each race?
No, Full Series Entrants keep the same Race Number and Timing Responder for the Entire Series so just need to turn up in time for the Race Safety Briefing.

Do I keep the same Timing Responder for all the races?
If you are a Full Series Entrant YES, you keep the same Timing Responder for the entire Series.
If you are a Single Race Entrant NO, you must return the Timing Responder immediately after the race you compete in.

How do I wear my Timing Responder?
Timing Responders must be attached to you shoe and tied to your Shoe Laces for the duration of the race.

Can I change my T-Shirt size?
Sorry but NO we are unable to change any T-Shirt sizes, as these are a special order which needs to be placed months in advance.

When will results be online?
Provisional Results (subject to change after checking) will be published ASAP after the race, usually mid afternoon Sunday.
Updated Results will be published a week later.

My time is not in the results?
If your Time is not in the Provisional Results please email within 3 working days of the race, stating your Name, Race Number, Distance, Approximate Finish Time on the Race Clock at the Finish and any other details you can remember like people you finished near etc.

What do I do with my Timing Responder at the end of the RUN Auckland Series?
ALL Timing Responders MUST be returned at Race 6 of the RUN Auckland Series or you will be charged $20 for their replacement cost.

I can’t make it (or didn’t make it) to the final race, what should I do with my Timing Responder?
Please post your Timing Responder to RUN Auckland Series, MyTime Timing Responder Return, 98 Wintour Road, Waimauku, 0812 by the 30th July.

Can I do a mixture of some 5km and some 10km distances?
YES, alot of participants start out by doing some 5km races and near the end of the Series build up to the 10km distance. The distance at each race is entirely up to you and you are more than welcome to change distances even after you enter (see below for details).

Can I change my distance?
YES, Distances can also be changed on Race Day up until 20 minutes before that Race Start, just let the team at the Registration Tent know, please note there is no guarantee your time will appear in the Provisional Results.

I can’t make one of the races, can some else run for me?
Single Race entries are Non Transferrable for Series Entrants. As we have a points system it is unfair on other participants competing for the Series Age Group awards and we also need to know exactly who is on course in case of medical emergency.

Can I get a refund on some or all of the races I don’t do?
Sorry Entry Fees are Non Refundable as we offer such great prices and incentives.

What is the Race Day Schedule?
Click Here

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